Statehood Day in Hawaii

The 3rd Friday in August is recognized as Statehood Day in Hawaii. In 1959, Hawaii became the 50th star on the flag. In honor of this day let’s look at interior design in Hawaii.

There are many different interpretations of Hawaiian style, most of it leaves me with shivers. It can get too themey way too fast, next thing you know you feel like you are at one of those horrible parties drinking Mai Tais out of coconuts with little umbrellas that keep trying to go up your nose every time you try to take a drink.

So let’s take a more subtle approach let’s start out at the palace! I know this doesn’t sound subtle, but we are looking for some inspiration.

The most famous architecture in Hawaii isĀ  the Iolani Palace. It was built in 1882 by King David Kalakaua (the Merrie Monarch). It is said to have had electricity and running water before the White House did. The architectural style of the palace is Romantic Italianateish. I know that is not subtle either is it? But just look how beautiful ….

Iolani Palace

Here is the blue room, (King David Kalakaua’s color was blue).

The Blue Room
This is an official post-card from Iolani Palace.

Here is the Grand Hall or the Throne Room.

The Grand Hall
Beautiful Red Hall!

The beautiful grand koa wood staircase.

Grand Staircase
Photo courtesy of Iolani Palace.

The dining room.

Iolani Dining Room
Another exquisite room. Although there is quite a bit of furniture in here, it still feels sparse – I think they need some design magic!
Hawaiian Kingdom Coat of Arms
Red and Yellow were Ali’i (royalty) colors.

The most beautiful Hawaiian design uses elements and colors from nature. There was a lot of red used, and yellow with hits of aqua blue and royal blue. These following rooms are more modern interpretations of the use of the same color pallet.

Here is a room using aqua and coral red. This room is not a Hawaiian room per se, but very well could be.

Bamboo chairs upholstered in aqua with a coral red table. Via Pinterest.

Hawaiian colors in a modern setting! Beautiful room by Kristen Rivoli Interior Design.

Hawaiian Colors
Gorgeous simple design. With a huge impact!

This sun porch designed by Jay Jeffers could easily be in Hawaii or anywhere.

A Hawaiian feel for a sun porch.

So what do you think? Want some Hawaiian style in your home? Some elements to consider:

  • Keep floors bare and use throw rugs. Consider dark plank flooring, or bamboo.
  • Use yellow, red, aqua and blue. Any color or combination will work just keep colors light, vivid and bright.
  • For neutrals consider the colors of sand, lava and bamboo.
  • Bring a little of the outdoors in and some of the indoors out, in Hawaii there is always a blending of spaces.
  • A tropical look is not stiff or forced but organic and natural looking.
  • Use a combination of woven shades and beautiful simple panels on your windows.
  • You can grow orchids indoors, it’s easy!
  • Asian influenced art, looks great with this look.
  • Use lighting to your advantage, install dimmer switches and keep your spaces romantic and mysterious.
  • Have fun! Most important tip.
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4 Responses to Statehood Day in Hawaii

  1. RaVani says:

    I love the palace! I love your blog! You have very fun yet practical tips. Good job mom.

  2. kvmeola says:

    That is the first time I can remember seeing the inside of the palace. It’s beautiful!!

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