Monday is the day that everyone seems to dread! I think that is because so many of us are working jobs that we don’t like. What would we need to do differently in order to love Mondays?

Monday is the Moon’s day and it is white! White is the color’s color. Know what I mean? If all the colors could choose a favorite they would choose white! White is made up of all the other colors and is the closest we can come to creating pure light. It is always appropriate because it goes well with anything¬† …

This small mostly white bathroom is big on style. In a small room using quality materials are much more affordable.

The veins of charcoal and gray in the marble are repeated in the stripe of the silk sink skirt.

In this bedroom via Laura Casey Interiors we find all white room with green accents.

White works best in a bright room.

My favorite place to use white is in the bathroom. Here Sarah Richardson adds a touch of yellow in just the right places.

I love the living room style curtains in the bathroom, so unexpected!

In this all-most all white dining room there is a feeling of serenity.

The focus will definitely be on the food and conversation at this table!

So how does a person create a “successful” white room? Well, when the color is all the same (no matter what the color) focus on textures and shapes. And you kind of have to be a neat-nic, because something out of place can spoil the dramatic affect.

In this next space via Little Lovables the walls and trim are all white.

Bright colors and patterns really pop against white walls!

And the reverse – with all the color on the walls and the trim and furniture white, a very dramatic look.

Via Laura Cassey.

So, white can be quite dramatic. And I guess so can Monday. The take away here seems to be Mondays like the color white can be beautiful if you are ready for them!

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6 Responses to Monday

  1. RaVani says:

    You know everything! I will take the first bathroom please, but I would like you to switch out the current bathtub with a claw foot. I will also take the white room with the red and pink furniture. Thank you.

  2. Erika says:

    I really like that first picture, something about the feel of it along with the flowers. Very nice!

    I find myself gravitating towards pictures of white rooms and white bathrooms, I think it’s the clean lines and how simple they feel to me (and how much it contrasts the abundance of color and texture in my yard) I find the photos peaceful. This doesn’t mean necessarily I am going to decorate in that style but I am appreciating the feel of photos. Love many you posted.

    • Bonnie says:

      I like them too. I would have anything and everything from that first bathroom in my house – I love that room. The quality of the elements really read as what they are.

      Personally, I love white bathrooms and kitchens maybe not all white but mostly white. To me it feels clean, pure, fresh and new. I like that feeling in those rooms. I also love white linens!

  3. kvmeola says:

    I too like the yellow accents in the bathroom. And although I love the way the curtains look, you know how I feel about curtains and I wouldn’t want to have to deal with them. But the room is lovely! I love, love, love the white living room with the red and pink accents. I find it very inviting :)

    • Bonnie says:

      The bathroom with the yellow accents is a Sarah Richardson room, I love anything she does! She has been buying houses and fixing them up and has a show on HGTV. This one pictured is in a beautiful farmhouse she remodeled. More Sarah: I also agree with the white room with pink and red accents, very Bohemian, I think we share an appreciation for that look.

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